Repair Policy

PhoneRx offers a lifetime warranty on all iphone screen replacements, and 30 days for all other repairs starting from the date of Pickup. The PhoneRx warranty, however, does not apply to defects resulting from any action of the customer, including to mishandling, physical damage, water damage, repair by someone other than PhoneRx, use of any other product other than PhoneRx products, or unauthorized modification. Screen replacement warranty should not have any defects like frame and back damage. This warranty is VOID if the unit shows evidence of any of the above mentioned. PhoneRx will not be held responsible for any other defective parts or issues other than the one requested to fix. Battery replacements and charging ports are not covered under warranty. Security parts like touch ID’s and Face ID’s are extremely sensitive. Lack of functionality might occur after repair depending on internal damage. A $35 fee will be applied for any diagnosis on cellphones, and $45 on tablets, computers and gaming consoles. The diagnosis fee applies when PhoneRx can fix your device but you, the customer, chooses not to fix the device. Once the repair process has begun, the customer has consented to this policy and all its attributes. No Refunds can be made to repaired devices or ordered parts. The full amount must be paid once service is completed.

Liquid Damage Repair Policy

Due to the nature of liquid damage, a device that may arrive in “working” or “partially working” condition with liquid damage present, may not work after the diagnostic is performed. Liquid causes corrosion and rust on many components which can result in reduced device functionality after disassembly and reassembly. The goal of a liquid cleaning service is to get the motherboard of the device in an operable condition. This service does not include non-integrated parts such as physical buttons, batteries, Wi-Fi cards/cables, or any other components that are not built into the motherboard itself. If the liquid damage motherboard cleaning service resolves all device issues, then customer will be responsible for the liquid damage motherboard cleaning fee stated on the work order. If additional non-integrated components are needed to fix the device, you will be contacted with a detailed price quote.

Repair Time and Delivery

PhoneRx will make all reasonable efforts to deliver repaired equipment within the estimated time frame , but does not guarantee that a repair will be completed within a specific period of time. A 50% deposit must be collected for all orders or repairs that can’t be completed same day. Due to space limitations, PhoneRx requests that you pick up your equipment promptly. If equipment is left with PhoneRx and is not picked up within 30 days, the item will be forfeited to store to cover the cost of repair.

Customer Devices and Data Loss

Your Passcode will be needed as part of our required diagnostic testing. It is the customer’s responsibility to backup all data, and to take sim and memory cards prior to repair. PhoneRx shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, disclosure, alteration, or corruption of any data loss.

Cell Phones and Accessories Policy

PhoneRx offers a 14 day refund for electronic devices with original package, accessories and receipt of purchase. A refund cannot be made if the device is cracked, water damaged or not in its original purchased condition. A 25% Restocking fee will apply on all returns, unless damage is from the device itself. All electronic devices have a 30 Day in-store warranty. No warranty or refunds on cell phone accessories.

New Activations and Prepaid pins

PhoneRx will not be held responsible for the wrong phone number given to be refilled with prepaid pins. Please make sure you provide the right phone number and carrier company at time of purchase No refund or exchange for activations & prepaid pins.

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